• The main sectors of SiTL

    SiTL covers all innovative products and services for the transport of goods, freight forwarding and the logistics chain. It offers the highest concentration of logistics transport and logistics users from industry, trade and distribution seeking new suppliers.

  • Transport & Logistics Service

    Transport & Logistics Service

    This sector combines the largest and most comprehensive range of solutions for transport by mode and specialty, as well as logistics service providers: road, maritime, inland waterway, air, rail and multimodal freight, dangerous goods transport, bulk cargo transport, controlled temperature transport, 3PL/4PL, freight forwarding, reverse logistics, e-commerce logistics, last-mile delivery, instant courier, forwarding agents, customs, etc.
    Transport Next Generation


    This sector is designed for both shippers and their carriers. It features innovative performance-boosting transport equipment for manufacturers and distributers: alternative fuels and energies, vehicle manufacturers, special bodywork, tyres and spare parts, electric battery charging stations and solutions, refrigerated lockers, vehicle loading and equipment.
    Real Estate  & Logistics Infrastructures

    Logistics Real Estate & Infrastructures

    This sector brings together everyone in the real-estate value chain to meet the needs of logistics and property managers: real-estate consulting, property investment, logistics building construction, logistics warehouse leasing, logistics centres. Exhibitors also include all infrastructure and private and public institutions and organisations that implement transport policies: airports, ports, highways, tunnels, bridges, chambers of commerce, development agencies, regional promotion agencies, etc.
  • Technologies, RFID & Information Systems

    Technologies, RFID & Information Systems

    This sector features transport and logistics software publishers and IT service providers: freight exchange, geolocation, stock management, delivery route optimisation, labelling, supply chain management, ERP, embedded IT, RFID, tracking, etc.


    This sector brings together intralogistics players involved in organising, managing, carrying out and optimising information flows and goods transhipment: automation, engineering, WMS, storage and order-picking solutions, pallet racks, automation systems, picking, handling equipment, lifting, packaging, etc.



    This sector features innovative technologies around robotised supply chains for assembly and pick and place operations in warehouses. Robotics equipment manufacturers, robotics platform developers, integrators, consultants in robotics applications for logistics will be exhibiting their products: integrated robotics systems, collaborative robots (cobots), robotic arms, autonomous forklifts, AGVs and AIVs, exoskeletons, drones, sensors, etc.

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