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Reed Expositions is continuing its partnership with Bolloré Logistics to organise this logistics event for African countries. It responds to the growing number of European shippers who are developing projects on the African continent. What solutions need to be developed to reach African consumers? What models can be used to quickly set up reliable logistics structures in Africa?


How can international trade be facilitated despite more complex regulations? How can customs clearance, purchasing and sales be conducted well? How can stakeholders protect themselves from the risks? What errors need to be avoided? The Import-Export thematic will give you the answers to all these questions. Speakers will provide expert advice on export support, safety, the choice of Incoterms, paperless procedures, the application of standards and transport organisation.


Inland waterways are being encouraged as part of the drive to make roads and city centres less busy and by the requirement to cut CO2 emissions. Upgrading river infrastructure is driven by the need for increased security and efficiency, in order to adapt to regulations and shipper requirements and due to new engine types and funding mechanisms.

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