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  • SNCF RESEAU sponsors the European Rail Freight Day

    SNCF Réseau has important information to share on the development of rail freight in France and Europe. The company is therefore a longstanding participant in SITL. It is also a sponsor and member of the steering committee of the European Rail Freight Day (JEFF) and has contributed to the organisation of this event.
    The conference programme is soon to be released.




    SNCF Réseau joins forces for the future of rail freight. The company's ambition takes form in two major commitments: a better quality of service for all customers, and an effective infrastructure. Visit our booth to see the action plans that will allow us to achieve these commitments.




    Within the SNCF Group, one of the world's leading mobility and logistics groups, SNCF Réseau manages the access, traffic flow, maintenance and development of the national railway network.


    SNCF Réseau is organised into four key businesses to fulfil these missions: Maintenance & Works, Rail Traffic, Network Access, Engineering & Projects.


    This organisation provides it with powerful tools to meet your needs and to ensure that railway transport is ever smoother and more efficient.


    As the second French public investor, with 53,000 employees for a turnover of 6.4 billion euros in 2016, SNCF Réseau has made the maintenance and modernisation of existing infrastructure a strategic priority. SNCF Réseau is operating a large modernisation plan to achieve this goal (1,600 worksites in 2017) with priority given to daily trains operating on the traditional network.


  • 30,000 km of lines to meet your needs
    20,000 train paths reserved every day
    250,000 tonnes of goods carried each day
    15,000 trains per day on our lines
    21 rail freight companies

    12 candidates for the train path application process
    More than 1,400 connected terminal facilities
    9 major French sea and inland ports connected to the national railway network
    4.9 billion euros invested in 1,600 projects for the modernisation of the French network
    22 combined transport projects


    Ever more reliable and efficient solutions for your transport.


    Our market-oriented sales teams are available daily to help you choose the right offer to fit your personal requirements and to ensure that you benefit from top quality train paths. We guarantee fair access to our entire network, in close cooperation with neighbouring European networks.


    Within the Network Access business, the Marketing and Sales Department offers a national sales Platform (PNTC) with account managers and industrial relationship managers to provide you with upstream and daily assistance.


    Around the country, the Customer and Services Centres provide you with local sales facilitators.


    The Railway Companies Services Platform (PSEF) provides you with access to service facilities and works directly with your production teams.


    Find out more on the website

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