1st - 3rd April 2025
Paris - Portes de Versailles - Pav. 1

Programme 2025

Discover the SITL24 program: conferences, contests, Tech-xploration, events and much more to come...

2025 main theme

The world of Transport and Logistics is undergoing unprecedented change all along its value chain, in the face of environmental, regulatory, attractiveness and digital challenges....

SITL's goal is to offer new content and exchange formats to help build the world of tomorrow, a world that is more sustainable, more social and more innovative.

After "ROADS TO CHANGE" in 2024, the 2nd part of the "Metamorphosis" is entitled "CONNECTING OUR INTELLIGENCES" in 2025 

SITL will shed light on the rules of the game, which will surely be customised by region, by industry and by mode, on technological solutions and on possible prospects.

2024 Throwback

Conferences & Conversations

In order to support exhibitors and visitors in the many challenges they face, SITL will address 5 industry themes in 2024.  The aim is to offer a programme of talks that are more interactive, more inspiring and more engaging. 


Highlights include the Start-up Contest and the Innovation Prize. Tech'xploration is back: collaborative trend spotting. Experience the exhibition’s entertainment: La Fresque de la Logistique, networking at Morphy's bar...  

Themes of conferences

  • Reducing carbon emissions in transport and logistics/CSR/Circular economy/Multimodality
  • Digital transformation/Innovation
  • Regional planning/Urban logistics
  • Supply chain restructuring/Automation
  • Attractiveness/HR/Training

More innovative talk formats

◾ Barometers                                                       ◾ Inspirational keynotes    

◾ TV studio interviews                                        ◾ Feedback | Customer cases | Sharing best practice

◾ Informal discussions                                       ◾ Tech-xploration feedback

◾ Pitching and reverse pitching                        ◾ Co-construction talks & debates

5 spaces to get inspired, learn and meet the community

La Grande Scène

Imagine the future of transport and logistics with key decision-makers. Experts and professionals will be there to provide answers to the major issues facing the industry.

Metamorphose Room

Talks connected with shippers and their carriers.
Inspiring feedback, barometers and round tables with experts.

Les Conversations

A dedicated space for discussions and sharing
between the various speakers and the audience.
Real sources of practical solutions for
daily challenges.

SITL Breaking News:
TV studio and Tech-xploration

Imagine the future of the Transport and Logistics industry with key decision-makers:

What does the future hold for the industry?
Spotting trends and new products on 7 themes with the help of Tech-xplorers (experts).

Le Campus

Careers workshops and presentations dedicated to the attractiveness of the sector.

Job dating in partnership with Pôle Emploi to meet exhibitors’ recruitment needs.