19-21 March 2024
Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 7

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>New<  Based on sharing and co-construction, this space facilitates collaborative intelligence. Participants are invited to intervene.

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Taking social and environmental issues into account is one of the key challenges facing logistics players. Ambitious European-level decarbonisation targets, increasing regulatory requirements, and strong societal expectations are encouraging the emergence of logistics that has a positive social and environmental impact. 


Ensuring the continuity and efficiency of supply chains remains a key issue in a still-troubled economic, health, and geopolitical context in 2023. We need to rethink supply chains in light of flow disruptions, supply problems, delays, and repercussions on business activity and the availability of supply. 

By drawing on the complementary benefits of shipping, rail, road transport, and inland waterways, multimodal transport helps optimise flows and costs while reducing the total environmental impact of goods transport. Shipping and rail are especially useful for medium- and long-distance transport, and are both facing the economic repercussions of the energy crisis and challenges associated with innovation / digitisation of their operations and HR attractiveness.

The e-commerce boom, reverse logistics, air quality, and urban congestion: the growth of freight transport requires a combination of logistics efficiency, cost control, customer satisfaction, regional planning, and the consideration of social and environmental impacts. These questions deserve the attention of the entire transport and logistics ecosystem.


For several years now, new technologies have been revolutionising supply chains and, more generally, the transport and logistics professions. Technological developments like automation, robotisation, IoT, digital twin, and big data offer significant opportunities to optimise supply chains, increase production quality and profitability, improve the traceability of the goods transported, and reduce the environmental impact of logistics. However, they also imply increased vigilance in the fight against cybercrime and raise more existential questions. 

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