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A new space for 2015: Transport Next Generation

In 2015, SITL Paris creates the innovative new Transport Next Generation space.


The aim is to bring together in one place the most innovative equipment across all transport modes which provide the best performance for the transport planning of manufacturers and distributors. It also addresses the needs of the shippers and their transporters.


Innovation at the service of productivity


Transport is the most significant link in the logistics chain, given the potential increase in its costs because of new regulations and the rising cost of energy” states Alain Bagnaud, Director at Reed Exhibitions Transport & Logistics.


This concern is largely shared. It means new approaches from every part of the supply chain in order to find new sources of productivity.


“Encouraging the creation of value requires using innovative technologies and equipment”

SITL Paris 2015: the logistics of Industry, Distribution and Overseas

Getting closer to the transport and logistics concerns of manufacturing and commercial enterprises is the aim of SITL Paris which next year will take place from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles.

With leading transport and logistics groups and SME’s as its backbone and a complete offering in technology, equipment and sites dedicated to logistics, SITL Paris 2015 will be based around 3 specialised programmes: Industrial logistics,  the logistics of Distribution and overseas.

“This new approach is developed as a response to the evolution of a more global and specialised logistics supplying services of high added value, according to the channel”

Each market will be defined by its specialisations: general cargo and specialised transport across all modes, dangerous goods, controlled temperature, from the box to the pallet, from the container to the tank, dry to refrigerated goods.

About SITL

SITL Paris brings together all the innovative products and services dedicated to the transport of goods, freight forwarding and the logistics chain. It is the most complete concentration of transport and logistics users from manufacturing, retail and distribution who are searching for new service suppliers. 


SITL in the World

SITL Paris is part of Reed Exhibitions Transport & Logistics, which organises a portfolio of international events ( in the US, Brazil, India…) within the transport, logistics and materials handling sector.